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What's Included in the SWIMVICE Membership?

The SWIMVICE Community is a multi-course digital swim platform full of amazing features to support you with your swim training and includes the following benefits:

  • Engage with Others

    You’ll join an exclusive on-line swim community. You will have the ability to create your own user profiles, connecting and engaging with swimmers from all over the world!

  • Improve Your Technique through Multiple Courses

    You’ll get access to multiple digital video courses with plans designed to provide skills and strategies to help improve your swim technique.

  • Scheduled Livestreams

    You’ll also get to participate in scheduled live streams. I will include live video analysis and swim topics related to each digital course.

Over 100+ Pieces of Content and More!

In total, there are over 100+ pieces of content inside SWIMVICE Community that are all designed to do one thing: help you swim efficiently and effectively.

Plus, more content and digital plans will be added regularly along with swim challenges and other enhanced features!

What You Will Learn Inside SWIMVICE Platform

Unlock your full potential with unlimited access to all SWIMVICE courses as part of your membership.


SWIMVICE Backstroke Program

Improve your backstroke technique with the SWIMVICE Backstroke Program. Suitable for novice to advanced swimmers, this course covers precise series of drills and progressions to help you swim backstroke efficiently and with ease

Value: Free Included!

SWIMVICE Freestyle Turns | Part 1

Learn seamless freestyle and turns with SWIMVICE's expert-led course. Perfect for lap swimmers, triathletes and competitive swimmers. Master the open and flip turns to swim laps uninterrupted and with confidence!

Value: Free Included!

SWIMVICE Backstroke Turns | Part 2

Learn seamless Backstroke turns with SWIMVICE's expert-led course. Perfect for lap swimmers and competitive swimmers of all skill levels. Master the open turn and flip turn to swim laps with confidence!

Value: Free Included!

SWIMVICE Kick Start Program | Part 1

Master the foundation of freestyle technique with SWIMVICE's Kick Start Program Part 1. Learn proper alignment to improve your efficiency and reduce exhaustion while swimming.

Value: Free Included!

SWIMVICE Kick Start | Part 2

Improve your freestyle with SWIMVICE's Kick Start Program Part 2. Learn proper timing for maximum efficiency and power. Master the two beat kick and progress to 4 beat and 6 beat variations.

Value: Free Included!

SWIMVICE | Freestyle Breathing Series

Unlock your swimming potential with SWIMVICE's Breathing Program. Learn proper technique, breath control & relaxation to swim farther with less effort.

Value: Free Included!

SWIMVICE Freestyle Speed Program

Take your freestyle speed to the next level with the SWIMVICE Freestyle Speed Program. Learn how to fine-tune your technique, improve your catch, and master stroke counts, tempo, and distance per stroke for optimal speed and pacing!

Value: Free Included!

How To Tread Water Series

Improve your open water skills with SWIMVICE's Treading Water Program. Learn efficient form to tread for longer. Perfect for triathletes, lifeguard certification and more!

Value: Free Included!

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Helping over 1000+ swimmers from all skill levels

Our swimmers have improved their technique by applying the same skills in these courses. Here are just a few of their stories!

SWIMVICE is Guaranteed to Exceed Expectations

SWIMVICE addresses every aspect of training for enhanced performance in the pool or open water. If you’re seeking in-person or virtual guidance from a premier swim instructor, we highly recommend SWIMVICE. Guaranteed to exceed expectations

by G. Hutchins

Went from non-swimmer to completing the 1.25-mile open water swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco in 3 months!

I owe a huge thank you to Coach Mandy for the invaluable coaching. She introduces new techniques at a very digestible pace. I always feel challenged to master a new aspect to swimming technique but am never overwhelmed. The teaching pace is spot on. I sing her praises to anyone that is looking to learn how to swim or improve on technique.

by Drew Lee

So 50 years later, I decided it was time to learn to swim, for real this time!

Coach Mandy is a top-notch coach and teacher. Her targeted instructions have helped me to independently practice 5 days a week and solidify my new skills, leading to significant growth.

by Barb Morin

Mandy’s classes and training sessions have changed my life!

With her coaching on my technique over the past several months, I now swim my mile, 3-4 times a week, in 42 minutes, with less effort. I’m 75 years old, had a quadruple bypass three years ago, and Mandy’s classes and training sessions have changed my life, and probably added on several years to it as well. I rarely give unqualified recommendations, but Mandy has mine, either for in-person or virtual training. She takes a personal interest in each of her clients and her teaching skills and knowledge are exceptional!

Alan Spiegelman


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